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Bright Future

Hello Photographers! it's been a while! How you've been doing? Hope you're all right! Finally we've got some good news and possibility for the "bright future". Italy is taking a "calculated risk" as it moves to further ease its coronavirus lockdown measures!


We still have lots of restrictions but now it's become possible to move around the city so I think it's time to reopen 365 days photo challenge but with some changes though! During this time on quarantine I had some time to think about the project and bring some changes that will make learning photography more interesting for you. Big thanks for your feedbacks and suggestions!  


From now on 365 days photo challenge will look more like the Practical Guide to Photography! I'll post one photo exercise with list of things you need to fulfil a task, suggestions, my examples for better understanding and feedback. Feedback means that it will be possible to send your photos to me and receive some tips! I believe these changes will bring much more value to the project and will help people learn photography faster and stay motivated.


Hope you'll like it! See you tomorrow...


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