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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 8

Hey Photographers! Today is the day 8/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


Photo Tip #8

Minimalist Photography!


Today I would like to show you how you can create minimalist photography! First of all, you need to understand what a minimalist photography is, or rather what can be and what should not be in your frame. Honestly, everything is quite simple and all I recommend to remember is that the less elements in your composition the better! For example if you take pictures of architecture better to shoot upper angles in order to avoid people and distracting elements in your frame. If you shoot portraits it's better to choose a location with loads of flat, not distracting backgrounds, the same applies to any types of photography if you want to create minimalist composition. Another key ellement is color pallete, you should have less colors as possible, the best option is 2-3 main colors! Let's see what I've shot for this exercise.



Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

In addition, the simpler shape of the main shooting object the more minimalist photo will look like!


3 key factors for creating minimalist photography:


1.  Use minimum elements for your composition.

2. Choose shooting objects with simple shapes.

3. Use not more than 2-3 main colors.


Remember! By applying those rules you can create minimalist compositions shooting any types of photography: portraits, landscapes, nature, still life, architecture, lifestyle, food etc...


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Let's sum up our day 8!

Minimalist Photography is a timeless style that you can master using 3 simple rules!


I am always interested in what you think, please write your feedback and suggestions here!


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