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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 7

Hello Photographers! Today is the day 7/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


Photo Tip #7

Find beauty in simple things!


Today I would like to tell you about really simple, and yet useful photo exercise that you can easily make right now. The exercise called "Find beauty in simple things". Everything you need is simple stuff and camera. For example simple stuff you can find at your home put on a table creating sort of nice compostion and shoot or you can just go to your neighborhood and find something to shoot there, that's what I've done since I like more shooting outdoor. In terms of the camera you don't need any fancy equipment just use your phone if you haven't got a camera, believe me your phone is a beast! I will defefntly write a lot about smartphone camera usage and show photo samples which you won't even believe were taken with a smartphone but for now let's see what I've created for today's exercise!



Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

I'm sure you already got some ideas on mind what to shoot. Get you camera and run, create some awesome pics! 


Note* Remember about background, treat your photo like a painting! Think about all aspects of the image!


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Let's sum up our day 7!

Never avoid simple, everything has something beautiful you just need to figure out what!


I am always interested in what you think, please write your feedback and suggestions here!


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