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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 44

Hello Photographers! Today is the day 44/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


? Photo Exercise #44

How to find interesting composition shooting Streets!


Today I'll share few tips will help you bring you composition to a new level!


?? Things you will need

1. Camera ( Phone works great too )

2. Spare battery 

3. Be ready to do a lot of walking


?Camera Settings:

1. Shoot in Raw which allows you to pull maximum from the photo on post production

2. Keep ISO value as low as possible to have less noise on the image

3. I suggest to use whether aperture or shutter speed priority modes which saves you a lot of time on settings and gives you more time cathing a great moment


⏰ Approximate time to fulfill

60+ Minutes 



Take your time! Try to dive deep into process, don't follow any path just walk and look around. Watch a shooting object! You might want to use burst shooting in some cases where action goes fast!


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