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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 41

Hello Photographers! Today is the day 41/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


? Photo Exercise #41

How to Shoot Awesome Light Trails!


Thinking about how to start shooting something creative? Today's tutorial will definitely open gates to a new, creative photography world.


?? Things you will need

1. Camera

2. Tripod

3. The best time for shooting after sunset

4. Choose the objects which move and emit light ( cars, public transport etc. )

5. Don't forget about your background! Think about whole composition not just light trails


?Camera Settings:

1. Shoot in Raw

2. Keep ISO value as low as possible to have less noise on the image

3. Set your aperture somewhere between f/4 to f/12 range

4. Use a shutter speed of about 5-30 seconds


⏰ Approximate time to fulfill

30-60 Minutes



The most important thing to remember is to have your camera stable during the shooting. Avoid shaking at all cost! When you press the shutter button you can shake your camera to avoid this I suggest to set up 2-10 sec timer so camera has a time to become stable again after you pressed a button. Be creative but remember the rules of the road and don’t get very close to cars and other vehicles!


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