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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 40

Hello Photographers! Today is the day 40/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


? Photo Exercise #40

How to Shoot Silhouette!


In today's exercise I will teach you how you can start taking amazing silhouette shots! 


?? Things you will need

1. Camera (smartphone will work as well).

2. The best time for schilloute shots is golden hour, sunset or sunrise.

3. Choose a shooting object (tree, building, human, etc).

4. The sun should always be behind your object (rotate your object or bypass it until you have the right angle).

5. Be creative, play with depth of field and focal length.


⏰ Approximate time to fulfill

40-60 Minutes



You have limited amount of time (In photography, the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky). So better to arrive at the shooting location earlier to study surrondings and plan the photosession in order to not waster time on these things during the golden hour! Experiment! Try different camera settings, move around the object, change angles. Don't be afraid of sun, you can include it in your composition as well, see examples above.


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