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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 39

Hello Photographers! Today is the day 39/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


? Photo Exercise #39

How to Double Exposure without photoshop!


Today I have something really interesting for you guys that will really help you to improve your composition skills and start taking stunning shots! 


?? Things you will need

1. Camera (Smartphone will work great.) 

2. Showcases (Stores or showrooms with lots of windows and interesting exhibits and products will work best.)

3. Best time for this exercise is day when you have enough light to have the clean reflection in the widow


⏰ Approximate time to fulfill

30 Minutes



Try lots of different angles to find the most interesting reflections. You might want to use your camera display instead of view finder for "awkward body positions". In this case the rotated screen will be a huge help! Another solution to see what is going on with your composition is to connect your camera to smartphone and have everything on your phone screen. Smartphone as main camera also could be a great solution since it is really light and it is much easier to maneuver, especially if you don't chase the best possible image quality.


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