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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 37

Hello Photographer! Today is the day 37/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #37

Low light portraits using artificial light!


I know you would love to learn how to capture those cool night portraits! Today I will explain how to do that without any additional equipment. Everything that you need is a camera, doesn't matter how expensive it is and lens. The lens is quite important here you want to make sure you take with you the lens with lowest f number possible ( fast lens ). In this case the best will be the portrait lens that allow you to open the aperture wide and get more light! If you just starting I would suggest to buy one in most of the cases you can get a good portrait lens less than 200$. Everything that you want to pay attention to buying a budget portrait lens is f number the lower the better and if you decide to buy lens different brand than your camera make sure its mount fits to your camera.


?Photo Examples:

If you don't have portrait lens and not going to buy just do what I always say use what you have got! Now let's talk about light. Even if you have a fast lens, this will not be enough. Here are 3 simple light mining methods:


1. Use a mobile phone. The phone is always with you and this is a great way to highlight the model’s face.


2. Find the light sources. For example shoot close to store showcases.


3. Shoot in raw! The only way to recover underexposed areas while editing.


*Remember, when there is not enough light you may have problems with focus. If it is not possible to focus you should add more light ( change environment for example or try to use manual focus )


?Let's sum up our day 37!

Master low light portraits!


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