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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 27

Hello Photographer! Today is the day 27/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #27

Time to shoot people ) 


When was the last time you photograph someone? To work with people is a huge part of photography. You should learn how to work with models if you consider yourself working with clients in future and get paid for your work. I personally recommend start to practise it if you still haven't. That's not that difficult actually you don't need a professional model for that. Call your friend and offer a free photoshoot. In most of the cases it's never an issue to find a model since it's a double win for both photographer and model. Here goes the most tricky part, I understand that everyone wants to photograph people with pretty faces. That's totally ok! If you've got these people among your friends everyhting you have to do is ask them but what if you haven't? Never photograph people utill you find a model you like or what? The right answer is to use what you have, just like with a camera. Use one that you have right now otherwise you will never start! It probably sounded a bit harsh but it's true some people are more photogenic than the others. However photographing different people I've noticed that everyone has something special. It could be a smile, eyes, or anything else. Our task is to find it!


Here are some importrant things you should focus on:


1.  How to build a pleasant working atmosphere

2. How to guide a model

3. Learn poses

4. Find a connection with a person you shooting


Probably the second issue is to find a right location. Photographers struggle with it all the time! Remember you primarily object is a model and at the beginning you don't need to think about place to much. In addition the portrait photography usually implies wide open aperture what means that you use the lowest f number to get that blurred background (depth of filed). So any park will do!


Now the last one but not least the lens! Good lenses for portrait photography are 50mm and 85mm. The biggest difference between these two is the distance you shoot your object from but if you do not have the portrait lens use what you have try different focal lenght and distance from the subject! Finally lets see some of my photos I've taken the other day.


?Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

Hope you like this photo series! I will definitely write more about portrait photography in the future sharing more tips.


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?Let's sum up our day 27!

Practise portrait photography, learn how to work with a model!


?? I am always interested in what you think, please write your feedback and suggestions "here"!


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