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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 26

Hello Photographers! Today is the day 26/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #26

Use your photos to create art!


In the previous article I tell you some ways how you can use your photos that probably just store somewhere without purpose. If you haven't read it yet you can check it "here". Today I will show you another side of the photography and how you can start creating your own art but first let's see what I have prepared for my 26th day of photo challenge.



I really love night photography and abstractionism so I decided to play a little by combining it to come up with something experimental. For this one I've used loads of neon lights and photographed them using long exposure. The most difficult part was to combine the lights together to achieve interesting color combinations and composition! 


I'm pretty happy with the results so I decided to make some smartphone wallpapers to stay visually inspired whenever I go!

If you like this experiment too you can download these wallpapers for free "here".


So let's see how you can mess with photography a bit. First of all you have to think about what you really like. Second how you can use that in a creative way. Third make a list of ideas! Do not put away ideas which you think you cannot implement beacuse of limited resourses write them all down! After you've got you list you have to choose an idea that appeals you the most but remember the best idea is not the one that requires a lot of resources. Most importantly you should think more about process not on an output!


If you struggle to come up with ideas don't waste time and try find some inspiration. Instagram, google, youtube etc use anything to get inspired! If you're still not sure what you can do just try to recreate something that you like. There is nothing wrong in copying someone's for practise or study. It might be that the person you're coping from have done exactly the same! 


?? I hope it was useful. If you have any questions you can ask me anytime I will glad to help! Use this "form"


?Let's sum up our day 26!

Find what you truly like and create art from it!


?? My lightroom presets you can download "here" there are some free filters for you to try them out on your shots! 


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Mikita Yo