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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 24

Hello from Bupabest, Hungary! Today is the day 24/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #24

Consider shooting inside cool bars!


Guys yesterday I found incredibly weird place in Budapest that I can't help but share with you! The place called Szimpla Kert definitely must visit place if you're in Budapest!


Today I would like to give you another idea for your next photoshoot. Have you ever taken pictures in bars? No, so you should! Nowadays bars are like museums or a free photo studio where you can go and create something amazing. Let me show you what I'm talking about!


?Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

Pretty dope, right? Of course this only the fraction of those 100500 pics I've taken ;) I literally spent there about 3 hours. I also filmed a short video review on this place I will publish it later on my instagram page.


Of course that place is not the only one, I am pretty sure you got something similar in a place where you right now! Here is what you should consider by going to these kind of places. Be polite and ask first before start your photo activity. Make sure that you don't disturb other people who came there to drink and eat!


I didn't have anyone who could posed for me but I believe these place are ideal for portrait photography. So if you were wondering where I can take my beautiful model ( even client ) now you know the right place. I would even recommend to make a list of the places you like, just google "must visit bars in location where you are"!


?Let's sum up our day 24!

Find some bars that would be ideal places for next photoshoot!


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