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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 23

Hello from Bupabest, Hungary! Today is the day 23/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #23

Use a prime lens!


Another day another tip for street photographers. It's actually could be useful not just for street photographer but also for people who just began their career in photography. Use prime lens! First what is prime lens? Prime lenses are lenses with a fixed focal length. So you cannot zoom in or out using the lens in order to do that you have to move closer or further. From a creative point of view, a prime lenses push you to think more about your photographs. By moving closer you can draw out more emotions of your scene and we need this to help create a connection between your photographs and audience. Plus it helps to find new, better angles while you moving. Let's see some of my pics I've taken with a prime lens 24mm.


?Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

I would recommend focal lengths between 24mm and 50mm they are your best bet, both in quality and cost. Other great benefits of prime lenses they tend to be smaller in both size and weight compared to zooms. This makes them more comfortable to use and transport. 


*Here's what you should remember buying prime lens! Does my camera have a crop sensor? If you use small camera the answer is likely yes. There is nothing bad about that but what you have to know is that lens with let's say 20mm won't work as a 20mm!  First go to google and write "your camera name crop factor" after you know the number for example your camera has crop factor 1.5 you multiply this number by focal length of the lens. For example 20mm lens x 1.5 = 30mm ( that's the focal length you will get using 20mm lens on your camera with crop factor 1.5 ). Always consider that when you buy a lens otherwise instead of wide lens you will get a portrait lens! 


?Let's sum up our day 23!

Get yourself a prime lens!


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