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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 22

Hello from Bupabest, Hungary! Today is the day 22/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #22

Use a small camera!


In today's article I would like to tell you two most important things that will help you first make your best photos in your photo career and second make some friends among other fellow photographers. 


1. Buy a small camera which you can always take with you! From my personal experience I know how difficult to carry heavy dslr camera whole day plus if you have even heavier lens it's definitely a nightmare! Of course these huge cameras can become handy doing commercial projects but for everyday shooting you don't need them at all. So here is the thing whether you already have a heavy dslr and thinking about buying second smaller camera for your travels and everyday shootings or you still don't own any camera and wonder what you should buy first! 


Here is the list of cameras I recommend to take a look at in 2020:


- Ricoh GR III  ≈ 850$ (with lens)

Sony A6400 ≈ 800$ (body only)

- Panasonic lumix dmc-lx100 ≈ 450$ (with lens)


I talk only about pictures and portability! They of course can do video as well more information you can read about each camera by clicking on the name!


*Rememeber you can't buy cheap camera that will be lightweight, with huge sensor and film in 4k 60/120 fps! All of these cameras are great, lightweight and can produce stunning pictures. You can literally walk whole day with one of these cameras in hand without any pain. I have tried each of these cameras myself.

Let me show you some of my pictures I took with my Lumix gx8 that I got as a present back in 2016. The reason I haven't include this camera in the list is high price of 1200$ (body only) for 2015 year camera. However panasonic have replaced gx8 by releasing newer version of the camera GX9 (kit lens) ≈ 800$ in 2018. You can read about this camera "here" that could be also a good solution for you!


?Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

2. Now let's talk how you can make friends among photographers by always having camera with you. There are plenty photographers who travel and shoot alone or just walking your hometown shooting street photography! How do we recognize these people? Easy, by seeing camera in their hands! So here is what you should do. If you see lonely person shooting somewhere don't hesitate to come over and talk, offer to shoot together! But what to do if you're shy to come first? Here is when having a camera with you becomes handy. Another person just like you can spot you with a camera in hands and come over to offer to hang out together.


Here is another secret for you guys! I got some clients who noticed me on the street walking with a camera and offered me a job! How cool is that? 


*Why camera is better than a smartphone for these to happen? Camera looks more professional and give people impression that you're serious about your job.


?Let's sum up our day 22!

Get yourself a small camera and take it with you wherever you go!


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