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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 21

Hello from Bupabest, Hungary! Today is the day 21/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #21

Shoot in aperture priority mode!


Today is another good tip for street photographers. You probably know that better to shoot in the manual mode to achieve maximum image quality. This is of course true, but we can all agree that it takes time to adjust properly all the settings and while street shooting we usually do not have this time, some seconds passed and the moment had gone! When I do street photography I use aperture priority mode and I recommend you to do the same. Nowadays each camera has this mode depends on the brand of your camera you will have either "A" or "Av". 

All you need to do is to select the aperture priority (A or Av) and now everything you need to worry about is your aperture value. Shutter speed will change automatically according to your aperture value. You can still set the ISO settings that will not change automatically, which allows you to take pictures without noise. Believe me this will save tons of time and increase your odds to capture something unique! Some people may say that professionals only shoot in manual mode, that's complete bullshit. I've worked with photographers which are big guys in photo industry with 20+ years of experience who use not just priority modes but also auto mode! It all depends on the task. *Remember no one cares about mode you shoot with, everything that matters is photo you have captured! Now let's take a look at new series of street photography I've done in Budapest.


?Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

In addition, I want to say we live in the 21st century, and the technology that is being produced is designed specifically to make our work easier, that’s why you pay big money buying a camera! What's the point to buy super advanced device and do not use its features? 


?Let's sum up our day 21!

Use priority mode, it doesn't make you a noob!


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