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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 20

Hello from Bupabest, Hungary! Today is the day 20/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #20

Don't be afraid!


Guys I'm now in the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary and I want to talk with all of you who like shooting street photography. We can all agree that street photography is a rather difficult task as it puts us in unpleasant situations where we have to be shy or afraid to get a cool shot! Of course it depends on the person, but I think it’s quite difficult for most people to go to an unfamiliar person and take a picture of him or take a picture of a policeman who is searching a car. Today I will tell you how to overcome this fear using the position of a tourist! I noticed on my own that when I come to another country, I start to be afraid to take such pictures even more because I'm not local and it seems to me that people will be even more unhappy but then I asked what the hell? I'm not local and I can afford to be a little crazy, right? And I tried to change my thinking 360 degrees turning fear into courage! I called it Tourist Mode. Tourists often for the first time a lot are forgiven and the attitude is also quite condescending from others so everyone understands that you are just a curious tourist. With this on mind I started to allow myself a little bit more. Let's see some of my pictures I've done in my first day in Budapest.



?Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

Of course you don't need to go completely nuts and break all the rules! If someone tells you that you can't photograph here or gently ask you to leave the territory that is forbidden for people better to do so and find something else but here is exactly what I meant by tourist mode.  Before it happens you have your chance to capture something unique. In some cases you could be asked to delete photos you've taken but it depends on a case whether you should do it or not!


*How tourist mode can help you in future? After some times you've tried this method successfully, you can use it in our local city as well or any other places you're afraid to shoot. All you need is to set up your brain, at first for example you can imagine that you are a tourist in your hometown and after awhile, you will learn how to easily switch when you need to!


?Let's sum up our day 20!

Try Tourist Mode!


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