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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 15

Hey Photographers! Today is the day 15/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


?Photo Tip #15

Level up your reflection photography!


I've already told how you can use reflection of the mirrors of the vehicles to capture some cool pics! Today I wanna dive a bit deeper and show you some more ways where you can find a reflection to capture really unique pieces! I've taken some pictures using different types of surfaces to add some cool reflections to my shots. I'll break down each method I've used under each picture and explain how you can use it to create dope compositions!



?Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

Looks pretty cool, right? Here I used the window to create symmetry. The good thing is that window during this time of the day works like mirror and we don't see anything that is inside the building! 


Some cool ideas how you can use this type of reflection: 


1. Create symmetry on your picture without using photoshop and other editing software.

2. Stress the main subject by reflecting it.

3. Create optical illusions.

4. Experiment a lot to find more )

On these two pictures I used this metal reflecting handrail to cut some unwanted parts of the image. There were loads of people down there who were spoiling the whole composition, so I was really lucky to find this nice reflection that allowed to take a picture I wanted.


*Note that you can use reflection not just for reflection itself but for example getting rid of unwanted details!

Can you guess how this pic was taken?


Another way of using windows is to shoot through them! Have you ever heard of double exposure? This thing is usually created in Photoshop but you actually can do awesome double exposure photos using this technique! As you can see we've got a small piece of another building here, that mathces perfectly with the rest of the composition. These types of photos look really creative and give you loads of possibilities to experiment.


?Let's sum up our day 15!

Master the reflection game on you photos!


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