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365 Days Photo challenge | Day 12

Hey Photographers! Today is the day 12/365 Days Photo Challenge! 


Photo Tip #12

Experiment with long exposure using your smartphone!


Everyone loves long exposure, right? In this article I'll explain how you can create dope long exposure shots using you smartphone! Yes, a smartphone, you remember I told you before, your smartphone is a beast and today I will show you how to free this beast! Before I explain you the process let's take a look at some pics I've taken the other night.



Photo Examples After/Before Editing:

Pretty cool for the phone, right? All pics I've taken in jpeg format and still I had incredible opportunities in post to play with colors, shadows and lights. To create something similar you will need some additional things though.


Stuff you need:


1.  Smartphone, I personally use iphone X. What I really like about this baby, it's waterproof that allowed me to come really close to those fountains!

2. Tripod, not necessarily big one. I use this small one "click" that can be simply packed inside any backpack.

3. Adapter for your smartphone, here one I use "click" which allows you to shoot vertical and horizontal photos and videos.

4. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to shoot long exposure using native camera app, so we need third party app that let us do long exposure. I recommend this app "click" but you can explore store on your smartphone and download one you like more, read description carefully so you know what you get. Sorry android users, cannot recommend anything but I'm pretty sure you have much wider selection than ios users. 

Usually, each one of those apps will have the same kind of shooting options: 

1. Motion Blur - Use this mode to capture people or objects in motion. Mostly used in good light conditions.

2. Light Trail - Use this mode to capture any types of light in motion. Used during night time to capture lights of the cars, trains etc...

3. Low Light - Allows you to shoot stills in bad light conditions, use this mode to get the best possible quality and reduce the amount of noise on your night pics.


Of course you can adjust all the other settings as your prefer, everything that I recommend is it to keep iso as low as possible 'cause this thing is what makes noise on your pictures. 


Let's sum up, find the cool spot, put camera on the tripod, make sure it is nice and steady, open long exposure app, choose the mode you want whether light trail or motion blur, select shutter speed ( how long you want your camera capture the light ), remember iso low as possible ( auto is not lowest point ), tap the screen once on the area you want to be in focus, shoot!


Day 12 - Dive into night photography using the camera that in your pocket!


I hope you like this one, I really love using my phone for Photography and I'll definitely write about it more in the near future.


I am always interested in what you think, please write your feedback and suggestions "here"!


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